Strugglingtobeintelligent needs to stop playing like the victim. Whether they knew I was a minor or not what they did was wrong. Strugg is a bully plain and simple. Don’t bother omgstopbeingashittyperson with your bullshit. People are realizing what a bully you are and it feels good. 

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I think I need a break from tumblr forreal 

Some of y’all are really deranged. the fact that y’all seen no problem in supporting sociopaths is gross to me. y’all are mad at some list and trying to label that list was “abusive”. and some of think it’s okay to make fun of it instead of taking it seriously. 

youre literally laughing at the fact that you are enabling abusers. that’s fucked up. some of you literally think your hands are clean when their not.

you have people using the murder of an innocent child as an excuse as to why they cant be called out. i find that so vile and theres no excuse for it. 



i know this is post is everywhere i was going to write a long post about it. but nah

yall need some serious help. 

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I made a new blog. Hit me up if you want it (or don’t already have it)

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Riley (crackerhell) has posted tupacdied4oursins full legal name. Riley and so-treu are constantly harassing tupacdied4oursins and attacking her because of an internet feud from months ago. tupacdiedforoursins is a minor. report Riley’s behavior.

fucking again?

for fuck’s sake, they keep doxxing this poor girl - who is a black queer minor, btw - and yet they claim to “stick up for their own”?

ugh they are such steaming piles of bullshit

They just don’t stop and it’s all sorts of a damned shame.

:| what? yo that doesn’t seem legal.

according to tumblr support it is. they told me they won’t do anything about it because it doesn’t violate their laws

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You know riley should take a screenshot of their inbox to prove that I was actually in there before they start doing shit to claim that I’m in there….I fucking dare them to show concrete proof that I was in there. They’re a fucking liar

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my rap name is about to be lil psycho but it kind of makes me sound like a juggalo lol

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and you know what’s funny now

is that you have all these black “pro-black but anti-‘hivemind’” folks blogging stuff from anti-SJ blogs

like i look at the notes on certain posts and it’s like, oh forreal, YOU reblogged/liked that?

as if they wouldn’t harass you either?

hmm. interesting.

pro-black but anti-hivemind

in a group

nothing hivemindy about—yeah i hope they all die

no it’s entirely them doing more of that good nigger/bad nigger shit

like white folks use the SJ tag as a way to mark the uppity niggers who need to be taken down a peg or two

and these black folks agree with them so they don’t mind supporting it

they WANT us to catch shit b/c they, too, think we deserve it

it’s just funny to me b/c their asses are too stupid to realize that cheering on the lynch mob doesn’t keep them from getting lynched themselves

i mean, look at nadi

little psycho is so desperate to get what she clearly doesn’t get normally she is actively trying to kill other Black people for the approval

omg you stay keeping my name in your fucking mouth. ain’t nobody checking for you. im not some kind of assassin. i’ve done more for black people in my community in my 17 years of life than you ever will and don’t you forget it. i don’t need approval from nobody but myself. but you wouldn’t know what thats like.

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